Exploring the effects of 50 micrograms of LSD

Re-visting 50 microgram doses of acid

I’ve always felt that 50 micrograms is a significant jump up from what we would usually consider a microdose and therefore shouldn’t really be classified as such.   It should really be in the low dose category.  The reason I’m including it here is to do with recent experiments with this dose.

Following my experiments microdosing with acid over the last two years, I’ve discovered this is a dose that I am now much more comfortable incorporating into a ‘normal’ day.  For want of a less categorical term, a normal day in this context is a day in which the psychedelic does not overly interfere or distract from things that I have planned to do, need to do, want to do etc.  At higher doses, where we could describe ourselves as tripping (even if there are no visuals or ego death), plans or need to dos can quickly be postponed.  50 micrograms is a dose which falls between a microdose and a mild trip.  For this reason, there is the potential for the best of both worlds, depending on what you are looking for from the experience and your sensitivity to the compound.  Past experience of psychedelics and altered states will also play a strong part.

My first low dose LSD experience

Taking 50 micrograms was my first low dose LSD experience, which happened prior to my microdosing experiments (as I said before, 50 micrograms is not a microdose).  This was mixed experience.  I felt a longing for full ego-death that obviously never came, as well as a restlessness that crept in after a few hours.  It ended with me feeling quite tired and thick-headed.  I also felt tired during the following days.  I note however that I attribute some of my headache like symptoms to chronic neck pain and migraines which I’ve suffered with all my life.  I recognise for this reason these symptoms may not be felt by the majority of people.

During this mini trip I enjoyed walking in nature, listening to music and experienced glimpses of a full trip, a preview of that wide-openness that we get with a full dose.  I was also able to meditate deeply during the peak with ease.  The overall experience was quite positive despite some of the negative physical effects.

Has microdosing changed how I experience low doses?

A couple of weeks ago I was toying with the idea of a full trip as it has been a while since I have done that with any psychedelic.  One of the best things about microdosing is that because integration happens during the dose, you don’t have to worry about having time the next day to reflect on it as you might when taking a full dose.  Not everybody may agree with this, but as an introvert I require (after a full dose) a few days ideally to properly integrate the experience and don’t want the pressures of work or even other people around me to interfere with this process.  This is very important and one of the reasons why I have focused on microdosing so much.  LSD really is a practical drug at low doses.  In my opinion it is far more practical than cannabis, although again this is also very much personal preference.

So, after deliberating I decided that it was not the day for a full trip and decided to try 50 micrograms again.  It seems that microdosing has changed the way I experience this dose.  Whereas before I was very much aware I had taken acid (in the sense you really feel it is going to work), this time was almost as seamless as a microdose, quite smooth and relaxing.  I enjoyed long conversations with my sister where I was able to feel more into what she was saying than I normally can.  I feel like it increased my empathy to a level close to a full dose.

The day moved in very much the same way as it does during a microdose.  There was a noticeable peak around 2-3 hours in, after which the effects reduced considerably to more of an afterglow.  I was, like before, a little thick headed after 4-5 hours but I believe this is very much down to my chronic neck issues.  Some have suggested the synthesised chemical nature of LSD could cause this effect, however I have had worse symptoms along these lines after microdoses of magic mushrooms so I really don’t think this is the reason.

Other noticeable improvements this time around

  • Increased appetite – I used to struggle to prepare food and eat much with low doses before whereas this time I was much more aware of what my body needed and when it needed it.
  • Increased focus – this was never a problem with microdosing, but 50 micrograms seemed to send me off into more of a dreamworld before.  This time, doing things that require good hand-eye coordination were much easier, as were tasks the needed cognitive attention.
  • Sexual energy – later in the evening I was meditating and also doing some tantric breathing exercises.  It was much easy to feel the movement of my breath and relax into it.

I wanted to write about this experience because this level of dosage seems to be the bridge between microdosing and higher doses of LSD and if used in the right way could be really helpful for people.  It may just take a little getting used to.  I also think that to use these compounds responsibly (for your self), it’s important to notice the subtle effects.  Hedonism is a never ending chase, and psychedelics offer the opposite of that if you are open to that opposite.  Incorporating them into everyday activities can be like having a psychotherapist by your side as you do them, and that is invaluable, especially for something that costs so little.

As always, your thoughts and contributions are always welcome.

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