The effects of microdosing LSD alongside regular melatonin supplementation

As I’ve recently been taking melatonin for my migraines, I was wondering about the effects of microdosing / taking low doses of LSD at the same time – by the same time I mean within a 24 hour period.  After reading accounts of people who have taken full doses around the same time as taking melatonin, I was intrigued.  Reports of more dreamy trips and visuals convinced me that at the least it would not likely be a difficult experience.

Last Sunday I did something I don’t usually do which was take around 40 micrograms of LSD at 5.30pm (the night before I had taken 3mg of fast-release melatonin).  Normally I dose earlier in the day, latest around 2pm because I want to make sure the effects have fully worn off by the time I go to sleep.  Sleeping properly and at regular times is very important for keeping my migraines at bay so I am quite careful about it.  My experience with low doses has been that they can actually help a bit with sleep quality sometimes, although not every time and obviously the same cannot be said for high doses, as anyone who has tried to sleep within 10 hours of taking higher doses will surely know.

How does melatonin affect the microdosing experience?

As Terence McKenna always said, the only thing that matters is your experience, how do you feel when you take psilocybin, how do you feel when you have sex?.. etc.  I therefore don’t assume that my experience would be the same as someone else’s when it comes to anything to do with psychedelics.  For me though, this was one of the most relaxing LSD experiences I have ever had, and also one of the most insightful.  I had noticed the melatonin making me feel a bit sleepy and lightheaded in the daytime, not something that I was very pleased about but it seems that it had a very positive influence on the way the LSD was working.

The high was relaxing in a similar way to pure Indica Cannabis, but with the clear-headedness and sharpness of LSD, really the perfect high for me.  After the ‘peak’ (always subtle with low doses) at around midnight, I lay on my bed for a couple of hours listening to music and enjoying the gentle buzz/waves of relaxation flowing through me, complete bliss actually.  In terms of sensation, not so different to a really good massage or sexual experience yet with the additional insights that usually only come with the ego death of a full trip.  It was much less of a restless experience than normal (with a 40 microgram dose), and I would highly recommend trying the two together.  Perhaps 3mg of melatonin would not be ideal if taken at exactly the same time, but I would not know without trying.  I suspect even 0.3mg may have a positive effect if taken at the same time.  I should also probably try the same experiment taking the LSD earlier in the day, with lower doses.

I’ve also heard that magnesium can help make LSD more relaxing (especially on the come-down), due to its stress-reducing and muscle relaxing effects so this is a combination also surely worth exploring.  Of course magnesium is a mineral many people are low in, even if they eat a healthy, balanced diet.  And perhaps diet, sleep and environmental factors are more important for positive psychedelic experiences than it is generally recognised.  Shamans have long known this and made it a key part of healing.

Sleeping after the trip and the next day

One of the most interesting things about this episode was that I woke up after around 4-5 hours (less than my normal 7 -8 hours) with a tremendous amount of energy.  I got up and started my day earlier than normal because I knew I wouldn’t be able to sleep again.  For around 5 hours I continued in a similar state of bliss as the night before, physically a little tired but totally relaxed and able to go with the flow of the day, even work didn’t feel like work and the relaxed feeling continued into the early evening.  This was a state of incredible simplicity, not really a state, where the nature of our non-dual world was totally apparent.  As I’ve said before, I believe the greatest potential of LSD and other psychedelics in the glimpse they offer of such a simple yet beautiful reality.  This is the first time such an experience has carried over after sleep and also with such a small amount.  I believe the effects of melatonin supplementation and LSD are a pointer to the great potential of microdosing, and could provide insight into how LSD works in the brain and perhaps what it needs to function in the best way.  This could also explain why some individuals have more relaxing experiences than others at higher doses, but until the scientific community has both the ability and desire to explore these questions, we will never know for sure.





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