Music for LSD

Music for LSD, microdosing psychedelics, and meditation

Listening to music is by far one of the best activities for microdosing with LSD, and can help facilitate mild synesthesia and also some other feelings and sensations experienced with a full acid trip. Below are some links and recommendations for music that I’ve found conducive to a good microdosing session.  I’ve picked music that I find calming, but you may prefer something different for your sessions.

Personally, I’m not particularly into beat driven music under the influence of psychedelics.  It’s a personal thing though, and you have to the find the activities, music, food etc. that you enjoy when taking LSD and other psychedelics.

1. Love scene by Jerry Garcia from the film Zabrieski Point – beautiful, free-flowing –\_pDO4WI. There are some other versions that didn’t make the film soundtrack that are also good, as well as some Pink Floyd.

2. Alpha waves music – more ethereal, but good for meditation and yoga under the influence of low dose psychedelics (there are many other similar videos with a similar effect).

3. Monsoon Point by Al Gromer Khan – – also ideal for gentle yoga or meditation.

4. Almond blossom day by Al Gromer Khan –

5. Jerry Garcia and Howard Wales – Hooteroll? – particularly tracks One A.M Approach and Evening in Marin –

6. Blue Cheer – Peace of Mind –

I need to add much more but it will take me time to find everything so will add to this list as I go.

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