Microdosing 20ug of LSD

20ug (20 micrograms) of LSD is a little more than a sub-perceptual dose of 10-15ug, but I’d still consider it a microdose despite its stronger effects.  As I’ve become more comfortable with microdosing, and my mind has adapted to it, 20 micrograms of LSD is a useful catalyst for pretty much any activity I can think of.  I now get more out of a 20ug dose of acid than I used to, mainly due to being more comfortable with its effects than I was when I started microdosing.  I’ve found with time I now have more trust in social interactions whilst under the influence so to speak, and no concerns about whether or not anybody suspects that anything is out of the ordinary.  For this reason, once you’re used to how you respond to it, it’s perhaps more than suitable for work and other situations where you need a certain amount of mental stability.

I’ve also written a post about 50ug of LSD, which may be of interest.

Effects of 20 micrograms of LSD

These are some of the positive effects I have experienced and/or observed in others:

  • Increased enjoyment of music, art, film etc.
  • More creative thoughts and solutions to problems
  • Better conversations
  • Enjoyment of shit weather such as wind and rain
  • Increased mental and physical energy – ability to concentrate for much longer periods on mundane tasks such as cleaning, financial planning, doing household chores, paperwork etc. (effect is similar to a lower dose of 10ug, just slightly increased).  Note: Some familiarity of the task in hand might be helpful at this dose level – new tasks with time-limits may not fare so well.
  • Increased enjoyment of being in nature or around animals
  • Increased ability to tolerate difficult or annoying people, or ability to challenge them on their bullshit without causing a situation to escalate

Of course, many of these observations are personal to me, and may not be the same for you or anyone else, I’m just noting things I’ve noticed in case they are things you’ve wondered about, or thought about trying when microdosing.  I believe that for everyone there are benefits unique to them, and what works best for us is the thing we must all aim to discover when working with psychedelics.  It may take time, and a few not so helpful experiences to enter the flow states that we would like.

Difference between a sub-perceptual dose of LSD (such as 10ug), and 20ug of acid:

For most people, with 10ug of LSD it is easier to forget that you’ve taken anything at all, especially when you are just starting out with microdosing.  Because of this, the effects of 10ug seem to happen automatically, without necessarily observing one’s reaction to those effects until later on when you may reflect on your day.  In contrast, with 20ug it is easier to observe your mental and physical response to stimuli, whilst simultaneously experiencing the benefits of an altered state of consciousness.  There seems to be a perfect dose (which may well be different for different people), which facilitates these effects, and it’s worth experimenting even with very subtle difference in dosage until you find what works best for you, just like is the case for many pharmaceutical drugs.

What to do on 20 micrograms of LSD?

  • Going to work (as long as it doesn’t involve dangerous machinery) – once you’re used to this dose, it can be highly productive.  You do need to learn how to plan different tasks, and be mindful of interactions that you may need to have.  Intense situations may not be ideal.
  • Social activities – LSD at low doses can enhance social interactions and lower inhibitions without diminishing self-awareness.  Perhaps one day it will be a popular alcohol replacement.  It also helps us to form meaningful connections through a natural feeling of empathy and understanding (not just on an intellectual or cultural-conditioning level).
  • Painting, drawing and other artistic endeavours – this dose is ideal for creative activities, as it enables solid concentration whilst also opening and expanding your mind at the same time.
  • Walking – I wouldn’t recommend more strenuous exercise (although it may work for some people), but long walks in nature are ideal at this dose.  It’s difficult to get overburdened in nature, so for anyone who has found microdosing in any way stressful or difficult before (or who is nervous about their first microdose) may benefit from this activity as a gentle introduction.
  • Meditation and yoga

Activities for after the peak

With microdosing 20 micrograms (LSD) I have observed that there is a peak around the 3-4 hour mark.  Sometimes for an hour prior to this there can be a little ebbing and flowing going on that makes it difficult to gage exactly what’s going on, and during this time I recommend putting on some music, stretching, and re-orienting yourself without attempting to distract from these feelings.  Many will likely not notice it at all, but the more sensitive will, so it’s something to be mindful of and is unlikely to cause any distress.

After I reach the peak, I usually experience a very enjoyable flow state for 3-4 hours which is often very productive.  I sometimes use this time to write about my experiences on this blog.  Again, finding out what you do/don’t do best at this time is essential to getting the best out of microdosing.

I also recommend the usual yoga, meditation, hot bath/shower, massage etc. as a way of winding down once the effects have fully worn off.  It’s good to take care of yourself at this time, because your body has been in an altered state for most of the day, and whilst it may not feel like a big deal, integrating any altered state experience will help keep you in good mental and physical health.  This is a good idea no matter what your experience level with psychedelics and microdosing, in my opinion anyway…


1 thought on “Microdosing 20ug of LSD”

  1. Good read. I’ve been experimenting as well and 20ug seems to be the sweet spot for me also. While 15ug would be the recommended thing to do, since it’s sub-perceptual, I feel I like being aware of the fact that it’s working and that I can feel the buzz. I had no problem with doing calisthenics as the energy boost was pretty noticeable.


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