Difference between microdosing psylocibin and LSD

As more and more people experiment with microdosing, there are lots of questions to consider about the different effects of the various psychedelics when taken in low doses or microdoses.  In this post I’m going to explain some of the key differences I’ve noticed and the benefits of different substances and doses, and when I find they are best taken.

What’s the difference between microdosing LSD and microdosing magic mushrooms?

Quite a bit.  For me, and it’s always important to say ‘for me’ because I don’t for one minute think this will apply to everyone..  but for me LSD gives more of an energetic and creative feeling where I feel I want to do things (even things I don’t like doing normally), and also motivates me to go out, work, exercise, be sociable, play etc.

That’s not to say it’s not relaxing in its own way – microdosing can be a paradoxically energising and relaxing experience all at the same time.  But microdosing with LSD is in my experience less conducive to relaxation compared to microdosing with magic mushrooms.  Depending on what you’re doing on the day you microdose or take a low dose, you may not be looking for relaxation anyway.

Psilocybin/magic mushrooms are known for their dreamy qualities and this is also true when taken in low doses.  I’ve found that they are great for Sunday afternoons, rainy days, listening to music, looking at art, watching films etc.  Again, LSD can be great for these things too, but mushrooms work for me better with these activities.

Likewise, I probably wouldn’t choose to go to work on a low dose of magic mushrooms, but it may depend on the kind of work you do.  You have to explore to find out.  Maybe I should see how my blog posts come out depending on whether I’ve microdosed on mushrooms or LSD..

Meditation and microdosing

I’ve written about this in another post in more detail but I wanted to mention it here as well.  Meditation works even better when combined with psychedelics and microdosing.

There are some differences between LSD and magic mushrooms for meditation.  I love LSD for the way it helps me explore my own mind, it’s a bit like having a psychotherapist in my own head which is really helpful as thoughts and feelings arise.  When meditating with LSD these thoughts and feelings seem to stick less, and move on freely.  I also feel like I understand more where they are coming from and what they signify.  I suppose what the microdose of LSD is really doing is enabling me to go into a deeper state of meditation quicker than I would normally be able to.

Mushrooms meanwhile also allow for deeper and more relaxed meditation although I have managed to accidentally fall asleep a couple of times which is something I rarely do when meditating.  I’d say their effects on the mind are less analytical and perhaps more transcendental in a way, perhaps why the high feels generally more dreamy compared with LSD.

It’s important to say that these differences between magic mushrooms  and LSD are not huge when it comes to microdosing.  They are both psychedelics and work in similar ways for this reason.


If you want to sleep within a few hours of taking a low dose of either LSD or psilocybin mushrooms, then take the mushrooms.  They are less likely to keep you awake due to active thoughts and also seem to help relax the body physically in a way that LSD doesn’t.

I used to sleep badly after taking LSD but this has since improved to the point where I now sleep better than normal. I’d still opt for magic mushrooms though if I plan on sleeping within 5-6 hours of dosing, otherwise it probably wouldn’t matter too much.


Sex and psychedelics are another interesting combination that people seem a bit too shy to mention for my liking.

I can’t say I’ve experimented loads with microdosing and sex, but I’ve definitely noticed that magic mushrooms put me in quite a horny, primal mood.  It’s not necessarily a really strong feeling that I feel the whole time, but I definitely notice it throughout the day.  With LSD, I don’t notice this so much and my interest in sex is more mental rather than sensual.

Some people might think that feeling more primal or animal when it comes to sex is not a good thing, but we are animals whether we like it or not.  Sometimes our worldview in relation to what it is to be human can prevent us from enjoying our bodies in the most simple of ways, especially when it comes to sex.  I believe that microdosing can help us bypass cultural filters just enough to make a difference when it comes to exploring or enjoying our sexuality.

I think I’ve mentioned the main things that come to mind when thinking about the differences between psilocybin mushrooms and LSD but I’ll add more as and when I think of anything significant.

As always, questions and comments are most welcome 🙂

Thanks for reading.

2 thoughts on “Difference between microdosing psylocibin and LSD”

  1. Great article and thank you.

    I suffer with depression and anxiety , I really want to try microdosing any advice from you would be welcome. Please email me


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