Microdosing LSD

How to microdose with LSD

I’d like to start by saying that most of my microdosing experiments so far have involved microdosing LSD rather than other psychedelics.  The reason for this is mainly to do with convenience.  It’s as quick as taking a tablet and does not require any preparation.  This is a significant benefit of LSD over magic mushrooms, especially if you have not planned to take a microdose that particular day.  I’ve found that my intuition is a reliable indicator for when to take a low dose of LSD so it suits me not to plan for these experiences.  With higher doses I would usually feel differently, but we are talking about two very different things.

Dosage – How many micrograms should you take?

This is a question I spent a great deal of time researching before my first experience.  I couldn’t get a simple answer in relation to specific micro dosages so I had to experiment myself.  It seems that people don’t understand that ‘I took an 1/8 of a tab’ is not helpful information if a tab is never a set dose – which of course it isn’t.  Not all of us, probably not many of us actually want to take a random amount and then walk out the front door.

The subtle variations of sensation in the body, and general perception of things in relation to dosage are small but nonetheless noticeable.  With experience you can get to know the exact amount you would feel comfortable taking on any given day, depending on what you would like to be able to do, or what kind of an experience you feel would be helpful, rather than a hinderance.

My experiences of different microdoses:

10 micrograms or lower – almost sub-perceptual, and conscious awareness of it may depend on sensitivity of the individual.  I suspect that if this amount was given surreptitiously to someone without their knowing (not that I would advise this), they may not dicerne any differences at all in feeling or perception.  They would most likely however experience the positive effects nonetheless, perhaps in the form of getting to the end of the day and feeling like things went well.

Effects/benefits of 10 micrograms of LSD

  •  Improves my focus and energy levels (easier to get through the day without effort)
  •  Eases depressive feelings
  •  Helps with fatigue
  •  Linear tasks are easier to complete – this is something I struggle with usually
  •  Helps me relax as well as improving energy
  •  Can do a completely normal day whilst ‘under the influence’
  •  Improves creative function
  •  Effect does not linger (no comedown type feeling that can happen with higher doses).

In my personal experience, this is an amount I’d be happy going to work under influence of, even if I was expecting some kind of difficult situation to deal with.  In fact, this could even be a reason why I might take it, as I have found that dealing with people, especially challenging people is much easier when microdosing.  Perhaps diplomacy could be where microdosing shows some of its greatest potential.

In the practical sense I’d describe 10 micrograms as a multi-purpose dose.  It is useful in many different circumstances, especially during day-to-day activities and responsibilities.  It is unlikely to render you unable to do a simple task, although you may decide to do less or more than you planned that day through what you have re-evaluated as necessary or unnecessary.  I’m hesitant about putting it this way because it is not the same as having a glass of wine and then becoming lethargic.  Instead, it is clarity to re-prioritise, though not demotivating.

15-25 micrograms – there are different ranges within this amount but as they are quite subtle I will deal with them in more detail in another post.

Effects/benefits of taking 15, 20 and 25 micrograms of LSD

  • Yoga and meditation are very enjoyable
  • Music is significantly enhanced (Pink Floyd, Grateful Dead etc. sound great)
  • Works well for integrating the experience, during the experience  – not always as easy at higher doses
  • Better insight into my psyche than at a lower microdose, especially at the 3-4 hour mark
  • Hightened sensitivity in the body, can be interesting with sexual activity and sensual things like yoga, massage etc.
  • Still a low enough dose that you are not ‘tripping’, although some of the benefits of a full trip can still be felt (that’s the best thing about this dose in my opinion

In my experience, 15 micrograms is closer to the 20-25 area than it is to 10.  It’s a bit like when music reaches a certain volume where it is no longer in the background, but not loud.  For me, this is not a negative thing, but I prefer to take this amount when I am planning on having a more leisurely day without responsibilities so as to get the most out of it.  I like to follow my intuition, so, at a certain level of dosage I want to be able to have freedom to start and stop what I’m doing at will and explore different ideas and activities.  15-25 micrograms is not a sub-perceptual dose.

Read my post about taking 50 micrograms of LSD here

Please contact me if there’s something you would like to contribute, think I’ve missed, or want to write a post about your experience.  I hope to build a community around this blog to help us explore this great subject.



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