What is microdosing?

I suspect that if you’ve found this blog, you already have at least some idea about what microdosing is.  For those who don’t, a ‘microdose’ refers to a low, or sub-perceptual dose of a psychedelic compound such as LSD, psilocybin (found in magic mushrooms), or mescaline to name a few examples (there are many others which I won’t list here).

Usually, psychedelics are associated with high doses that induce a ‘trip’.  They are known for facilitating altered states of consciousness.  Everyone has their own way of describing their experiences with psychedelics, and if you have not yet had a psychedelic experience, words cannot do it justice.

In my opinion, ego death is a good way to describe it, along with the sense that the world is seen as illusory, with no boundaries between what we normally think of as ‘self’, and ‘other’ – whether that be people, plants, animals, or the rest of the universe.

Microdosing takes the full trip experience down a few notches, to the point where altered states either do not occur at all, or are extremely subtle.  This depends on an individual’s sensitivity, how one interprets sensations in the body, and perceived mental changes.

What’s the difference between a microdose and a full dose or a full trip?

It is quite possible to carry out day-to-day tasks whilst microdosing, including working (does depend on the nature of your work), exercising, cooking etc.  It can also be an aid to relaxation, enhancing creativity, and can help make social interactions easier or more enjoyable.

Whilst not always perceptual to the taker, a microdose can induce some of the effects of larger doses, just on a lower level, and whilst nothing can match full dose psychedelics in terms of their power to transform the way we see ourselves and the world around us (as well as how we feel and experience our day-to-day lives), when taken over time, I have found microdosing can have long-term effects similar to full doses of psychedelics.

You can think of it like a dial that you can turn up.  The more you turn it up, the stronger the effects.  The higher the dose, the more intense the experience.

There’s also a dose level (which differs from drug to drug), where ‘ego death’ and other ‘full trip’ effects will happen, and the experience is much more profound.

At the lower end (of dosage), some people will barely notice a microdose consciously, or perhaps not until they look back and reflect on their day.  Others will be more aware of it, but only from time to time.

What are the positive effects of microdosing?

Just a few of the positive effects of microdosing include:

  • increased energy
  • enhanced mood
  • can aid relaxation
  • helps smooth social interactions
  • can help with problem solving and enhances creativity
  • helps with self-reflecting and meditation
  • can enhance sexual experiences
  • some people find it helps treat depression and its underlying causes

There are too many other potential benefits to list here!

I hope this goes some way to briefly explain ‘what is microdosing’.  Please check out my other posts and pages for more detailed reports of experiences with different doses of both LSD and magic mushrooms.