long term effects of microdosing

Microdosing without microdosing

It’s been over four years since I first began microdosing with LSD.  In that time, I’ve experimented with various low-doses at a minimum of at least once a month, sometimes multiple times per month, and on other occasions multiple times per week.  I’ve documented some of these experiences in other posts.  Recently, I’ve taken fewer low doses of LSD for various reasons and I have kept an eye on what I’ve been thinking and feeling at times when I’ve thought about LSD/psychedelics, and thought about taking them.

The reason for this is that over time, the more I’ve taken low doses of LSD, the less I’ve felt I have needed to take it in order to experience the effects.  It’s not to say I’ve become resistant to LSD, but I have found I am now able to call-up the feelings and experiences of microdosing without actually taking anything.  The flow states have become more familiar, almost as if a path has been carved in my body and mind.  In the same way that negative behaviour patterns can be formed, I believe they can be unformed, and so far, microdosing with psychedelics is the most effective thing I have found that catalyses this.  In many ways I see it as a miracle, and in other ways just a simple everyday thing.  And why shouldn’t it be as simple as having a cup of coffee, or a walk in the park?  Maybe the paradox is that when that taboo is finally broken, as a culture perhaps we’ll need psychedelics a little less than we need them right now.  Or maybe they’ll become more of a preventative rather than a cure, the antioxident of the mind..

I have no scientific proof or evidence to put forward, and that’s of little interest anyway because I know this has worked for me in ways I struggle to articulate.  Words are slightly better than useless when it comes to talking about the transforming powers of psychedelics, but only slightly – perhaps we need some new ones.  After all, this language has evolved from different needs, world views and an overly materialist perspective on life.   While science plays catch-up after 40 years of lost research, nothing can beat our instinctive, intuitive feelings that tell us something just feels right.

I like to think that those who’ve spread the message of the psychedelic experience over the years have done more than could ever be measured.  I feel incredibly grateful to them.  Some have risked their freedom for a cause which I’ve heard very few ‘progressives’ ever defend.  Even today, with so much reaction to the slightest offence taken regardless of intentions, the media and those who contribute to it stay ever silent when it comes to psychedelics.  I hope this will change soon, although I have reservations about a commercialised industry that may pop up around it.

It’s hard to remember now how I felt before the start of this journey.  And it’s not that anything was particularly wrong before (a question often asked with psychedelics is “why do you need to take anything”).  Nothing drove me to start microdosing, it just seemed like something interesting to explore, on many levels.  I’ve gone into this in more detail on other posts. 

The long term effects of microdosing with LSD

Perhaps one of the things that’s easier now is the feel for path.  Not that there even is a path really, but I feel lighter now step by step.  People often talk of heightened awareness and states of consciousness and that’s all very well, but what about what it feels like to be an animal?  How many of us are okay with this simple fact?  There’s a distinct difference between being fundamentally okay with that and not.  No matter how comfortable or not the superficial facades that we’re encouraged to lay over our lives are (especially in the ’spiritual’ community), I think denial of our animal core is something we must get over.  I think this is also one of the things that overwhelms those who’ve had bad trips or ‘negative’ experiences with psychedelics but it’s one of the best lessons we can learn.

It’s an attractive thing to think about what’s to be gained from ‘higher states’, and so on, but it’s all bullshit.  Altered states exist for sure, but higher states are a delusion, and very appealing to a certain kind of person/seeker.  There are other places to enjoy these games.  We don’t need another distraction to postpone experiencing life as it is, it’s beautifully simple.  Maybe psychedelics and microdosing are a little piece of my jigsaw, the piece I couldn’t find but had been there all along.

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